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Constellation Brands Makes Minority Investment in Durham Distillery

We’re honored and humbled to announce that Constellation Brands has completed a minority investment in Durham Distillery.

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A letter from Durham Distillery:

"It’s hard to put into words what this means for us. If you’ve been on a distillery tour or met us at a local event over these past few years, you’ll undoubtedly have seen and heard just how much passion we have for what we do. Making world-class gins here in N.C. and developing a phenomenal local woman-led team is a dream come true.
When we started in 2013, it was “by the boot straps” as they say. We culled our own funds, had a few startup investors including family and friends and our partners at Clean Agency, and we put our house up for collateral to secure a Small Business loan.
While this isn’t unusual, we knew this was the only way to make it to Day 1. It also meant that Lee would continue to work full time as a chemist, and I (Melissa) would take on most of the responsibility to make this distillery a success.
Now, four years later and -- almost to the day that we launched Conniption gins, they’re recognized as some of the best gins made in the U.S. and with your votes last year, Durham Distillery was named the #1 gin distillery in the U.S. too.
In the day to day, not much will change. Lee and I continue to be the majority owners and decision makers of Durham Distillery.
However, having Constellation Brands as our strategic partner means:
  • We say thank you to our employees as they will earn a competitive salary with benefits including healthcare and vacation
  • We will grow our team, both locally and across the U.S., all while remaining committed to a Living Wage
  • We can meet the demands of the future with new equipment and our soon-to-be-open Corpse Reviver Cocktail Bar
  • We don’t have to go it alone anymore. Distilling in the U.S. is such a tough business and their expertise will be invaluable as we expand Conniption gins and Conniption canned cocktails, across this country and internationally.
Above all, be assured, we remain committed to you and our local community.
Every product will continue to be distilled, produced and canned by us, in our facility in downtown Durham. Our employees are our extended family and that ethos will not change. We are a family business. Lee and I live in Durham and our two boys attend Durham Public Schools.
The support of all of you – our fans, our friends, our family and our community – got us to where we are today.
We joyfully say “THANK YOU” to all of you today as we share our exciting news and bright future.
Now, we celebrate. Conniption cocktails?"


Melissa and Lee

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