Durham Distillery (U.S.) Conniption Gins

Written by Gin Foundry

Melissa Katrincic has always been headstrong. As a child she was fiery enough to incur frequent dressing downs from her grandmother, who’d tell her, in the way only a grandmother can, “don’t have a conniption.” Conniption, for the uninitiated, is a uniquely American term, translating to something of a mammoth hissy fit.

Melissa grew up as a gin fan, inspired by her grandfather, who’d sneak her the olives from his nightly Martinis when she was a child. The Martini interest was clearly hereditary, as once she became old enough to enjoy alcohol herself, it became Melissa’s go-to drink, stirring the childhood embers into a full-blown gin obsession.

This interest turned into a business plan quite randomly one day, when Melissa turned to her husband, Lee, with fire in her eyes and said “let’s make gin.”

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