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Epare Ice Cube Tray

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  • Clear Ice Guaranteed: Our ice molds use directional freezing. The insulated base causes ice to freeze from the top down, pushing air and other particles into the bottom reservoir. Eparé's cubes chill drinks faster and longer than sphere ball molds. Perfect Fathers day gift as well!
  • Compact Size Saves Space: The Eparé clear ice system features a compact square tray, measuring just 5.5 inches on each side and standing 3.5 inches high. The base section has feet on the bottom so the tray won't stick to the bottom of your freezer.
  • Perfect Cubes Pop Out: We designed our clear ice trays with a flexible thermoplastic rubber (TPR) bottom so the ice cubes can be easily removed from reservoir. Each cube has a rubber "button" when depressed ejects the perfect cubes from the tray.
  • Precision Molded Icemaker: Eparé sweats the details.There is a pour line in the top of the reservoir to help prevent spillage. And there is a ribbed edge on the tray to make it more durable, so it will make perfect ice cubes for you for many years. Considering this as one of your gifts would be a great idea!
  • Eparé Trusted Quality: You will receive one (1) Eparé Clear Ice Cube Tray system measuring 5.5 inches on each side and standing 3.5 inches high. Weight: 27 ounces. We stand behind our quality.
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