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Since 2013, Durham Distillery has been rethinking how to make great spirits that both embody and pioneer the New South.

The answer: equal parts art and science.
The result: world-class gins and liqueurs that put the New South on the map.

Originally scientists, Melissa and Lee Katrincic combine time-honored, gin-making traditions with techniques borrowed from modern chemistry to create spirits that are both classic and contemporary. While Melissa manages Durham Distillery’s business and marketing operations, Lee manages the Durham Distillery "lab" and is in charge of spirit production.

Enter Conniption Gins and Damn Fine Liqueurs.

The small-batch gin distillation begins in the 230-liter custom-designed German copper pot still, which results in a clean, crisp-tasting gin. Next, the more delicate botanicals are individually vacuum distilled at room temperature to maintain a highly accurate flavor profile. Finally, the individual distillates are blended into the gin base for utmost consistency from batch to batch. That’s science. Taste it and you will recognize a masterpiece even if you didn’t follow every step. Try our Conniption American Dry and Conniption Navy Strength varieties.

But that’s not all. Durham Distillery also creates Damn Fine Liqueurs. These gems incorporate ingredients sourced from local Triangle partners, Slingshot Coffee Company and Videri Chocolate Factory, to create labors of love and edible works of art. Try our coffee, mocha, and chocolate varieties.

Much like our products, our community requires both art and science. Durham Distillery actively supports STEM, musical, and performing arts education, while ensuring a living wage for employees. You can find us in downtown Durham, North Carolina, a diverse and progressive city whose revitalization is deemed by many to be the heart of the New South. We’re right at home in the vibrant Central Park district. Book online and swing by for tours and tastings.


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