Corpse Reviver Bar General Manager

Expected Start Date: February 2020
Reports To: President & CEO

Durham Distillery is hiring a salaried and full time bar general manager who will launch and manage the distillery’s cocktail bar: “Corpse Reviver.”

If you delight in being an ethical and inspirational leader, enjoy challenges, are respectful yet innovative, confident and humble, have an inherent growth mindset, are fearless, passionate, and value integrity over all, this could be you:  

  • A passion for premium spirits and cocktails
  • A strong work ethic
  • Well spoken, charismatic, articulate, fun and engaging
  • Possess a sense of humor, authentically enjoying meeting new people
  • Knowledge of the spirits industry but most importantly, a willingness to learn about gin and be confident in educating others
  • Thrive within a fast-paced, entrepreneurial, and matrixed organization 
  • Always on time or early to appointments/work
  • Very comfortable with public speaking and interacting with large groups
  • Use rigid ethical considerations to guide decisions and act accordingly
  • A sense of camaraderie with the cocktail and N.C. craft distilling community. We are a distillery that strives to lead by example in that all ships rise together and we must support one another

The “Corpse Reviver” Bar General Manager will promote and grow the business; hire and train wait staff and ensure that patrons are receiving excellent drinks and service. You will manage inventory, plan promotional events, ensure that quality and safety controls are followed, maintain adherence to all legal and NC ABC regulatory requirements, lead vendor contract negotiation and relationships, create work schedules, and set business objectives to increase profits and maximize customer satisfaction. You should also be able to work with diverse personalities and diffuse any possible tense situations.

In order to succeed as a Bar General Manager, you should be observant and have the ability to think critically and efficiently. This is a hands-on management role requiring you to step in at moment’s notice in any role within the team. You should be a skilled communicator with excellent problem solving, observation, and interpersonal skills.

Main Responsibilities

  • Manage the business aspects of the bar, including, but not limited to:
    • keeping a current liquor license
    • negotiating supplier contracts
    • managing inventory
    • reordering supplies
    • managing budgets and profit margin adherence
    • setting sales and customer satisfaction goals
    • proficiency in opening/closing the bar
    • ensuring SOP compliance with team
  • Ensuring adherence to all applicable laws and regulations
  • Hiring and training staff to provide excellent service
  • Creating effective schedules and quickly resolving conflicts to ensure that bar is optimally staffed
  • Setting and enforcing quality and safety controls
  • Working with diverse personalities both on the staff and patrons
  • Planning and taking part in promotional events
  • Diffusing tense situations between patrons and/or team members to prevent safety, compliance or legal issues
  • Maintaining a fun, safe atmosphere for patrons and team

Minimum Required Availability: This is a full-time salaried position with health benefits, vacation and sick days. There will be an expectation of two (2) working, opening shifts behind the bar per week.

Experience and Other Desired Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum of five (5) years restaurant and/or bar management experience
  • Excellent cocktail knowledge with minimum of three (3) years bartending experience
  • Strong understanding of business management and accounting principles
  • Previous experience developing and managing P&L, profit margins, managing a team
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills with demonstrated ability to communicate, present and engage customers and consumers
  • Ability to diffuse tense situations and resolve conflicts, work during peak hours, including nights, weekends, and holidays
  • Effectively delegate responsibilities and maximize resources
  • Professionalism within alcoholic beverage environment with expected sobriety during working hours
  • Must be 21 years of age or older with a car and a clean driving record
  • Ability to lift 50 pounds
  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint

Preference will be given to local candidates. However, possible relocation assistance available if you exceed all of the requirements above and are interested in moving to Durham, N.C. Please note: if relocation assistance is required, there will be contractual obligations for a minimum length of service or funds payback time period.

Interested candidates should email a resume and friendly letter of introduction to  (no phone calls please). Please note that incomplete and/or inaccurate submissions will not be considered.

Durham Distillery is a supporter and certified employer of Durham Living Wage. All are welcome and Women, People of Color, LGBTQ+ are encouraged to apply. Applicants must be 21 years of age or older with valid I.D. in order to be hired. Certified background checks will also be required.

About Durham Distillery & CONNIPTION Gin:

Founded in 2013, Durham Distillery is a craft gin, vodka and liqueur distillery located in Durham, North Carolina. This woman-led company produces premium CONNIPTION gins leveraging a differentiated two-step process combining time-honored gin making traditions with techniques borrowed from modern chemistry to create spirits that are both classic and contemporary.

The full product line offers CONNIPTION Navy Strength Gin and CONNIPTION American Dry Gin, DAMN FINE Liqueurs (Chocolate, Mocha and Coffee), Cold Distilled Cucumber Vodka, and Ready-to-Drink Canned Cocktails (CONNIPTION Gin & Tonic, Cucumber Vodka & Soda, and CONNIPTION Gin Rose Spritz).

As the leader in the South’s Gin renaissance, Durham Distillery has earned more than 50 national and international awards, including “Best in the US” for the Conniption Navy Strength Gin by World Gin Awards.  In 2020, Durham Distillery will introduce its’ gin cocktail bar – Corpse Reviver – as a natural extension of this super premium gin brand.

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