All About Gin


    When it comes to gin, it's like being transported to the wild and clandestine world of Prohibition. Picture flappers dancing to jazz tunes in dimly lit speakeasies. And let's not overlook the notorious “bathtub gin” from back in the day. Gin also knows how to rock the Mad Men vibe with its three-martini lunches of the 1950s and 60s. It's got a reputation that's both glamorous and nefarious, no doubt about it!

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    Although there are two sides to this debate, there is one key distinction. A true Martini is made with gin. Contrary to popular belief, James Bond, the international man of mystery, made a mistake. Historically, Martinis were exclusively crafted with gin prior to the 1950s. It was only through Smirnoff's dedicated advertising campaign that the perception shifted. However, let's now delve into the contrasting characteristics of gin and vodka....and yet, their underlying similarities.

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