The Corpse Reviver’s Corpse Reviver

Oct 2021 -- Behind the art deco–inspired bar, which mimics the flagship gin’s bottle design, bar manager MJ Weber started to craft creative spins on gin cocktails using the Conniption line. Of course, the namesake Corpse Reviver #2 cocktail has a place on the menu, which gets special treatment during October.

A Dedicated US Gin Association Launches Amidst American ‘Ginaissance’

Jun 2021 -- “US gins are just recently coming into their own. This association will be an ideal resource to amplify what is going on in the US gin market as well as continue to showcase the amazing thought leadership in American gin and the fantastic gins currently being distilled here.” Says Katrincic

Bartenders Name Their Favorite American Gins For Summer

Jun 2021 -- "Hands down, Durham Distillery Conniption Naval Strength Gin is my favorite gin. It’s a hometown favorite here in the Triangle with great local people making rad spirits." Aaron Lambert at Whisky Kitchen

24 Canned Cocktails For When Beer Just Won’t Cut It

Jun 2021 -- If you’ve ever tried Durham Distillery’s Conniption Gin, I shouldn’t need to sell you on this sweet, slightly sour gin and tonic. If not, here’s what you need to know: The gin is crisp and there’s a hint of Meyer lemon in the mixture that makes it better than anything you’d mix up yourself.

North Carolina’s Craft Distillers Combine Southern Hospitality With Spirited History

May 2021 -- Best known for Conniption Gin, products from this Research Triangle distillery are available across the U.S. Mejia lauds its garden-to-glass Cucumber Vodka and Damn Fine Liqueurs lineup, saying the latter is “very delicious” and “dangerous.”

Hard-Hit American Craft Distillers Prepare for Future Growth

April 2021 -- “We have always been a living wage employer and our relationships with fellow businesses are paramount to who we are. All of last year, our community showed up to support us… the local community is the reason why we survived 2020.”

11 New Gins to Try Right Now

Apr 2021 -- Whether inspired by English lighthouses, the cycles of the moon, or the flavors of the Mediterranean, the ever-expanding array of new bottles illustrate that gin is still in.

Durham Distillery’s Conniption Navy Strength Gin Named Best in U.S. at World Gin Awards

Conniption Navy Strength Gin was named the best in the United States at the 2021 World Gin Awards as part of the “World’s Best Navy Gin” Taste Winners, marking the third year in a row that it has won the prestigious title.

Durham Distillery Changing the History of Spirits

Mar 2021 -- According to McKinsey & Company and, statistics from a 2019 report on women in the workplace shows only 16% of females in the food and beverage manufacturing industry are top chief executives at their companies. Durham Distillery however has a female CEO and many women in leadership roles.

The 19 Best Gin Brands to Drink Right Now

Feb 2021 -- We are in the middle of a Ginaissance that isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Here are some of the best gin brands available now, from traditional London dry to brand-new innovations, to sip neat or stir into your martinis.

This gorgeous new North Carolina martini bar is housed in an old coffin shop

Feb 2021 -- A bar that showcases the cocktails that Durham Distillery’s gins are designed for seemed like a natural addition to the business.

How One Distillery Turned a Coffin Shop into a Bar

Feb 2021 -- Corpse Reviver Bar & Lounge, at Durham Distillery, became an overnight success thanks to cofounder and CEO Melissa Katrincic’s obsession with gin, wildly innovative cocktails, and impressive pandemic pivot.

Durham Distillery Releases Conniption Barrel Aged Gin Series No. 1

Feb 2021 -- Conniption Barrel Aged Gin No. 1, the first in a series of aged gins to be introduced annually, will be available by February 1, 2021 while Conniption’s Navy Strength and American Dry gins are currently available in many states throughout the country.

6 Triangle Small-Batch Distilleries Worth Tapping Into

Feb 2021 -- This Bull City distillery began offering tastings and tours October 1, 2015, with its Conniption gins launching in ABC stores two months prior. Now distributed in over a dozen states and the U.K, the award-winning gin now even cans its own cocktails.

Cool Distilling

Jan 2021 -- Cold distillation, or vacuum distillation, was as exciting and experimental as jazz when first discovered as an additional technique to much loved pot distilling. And, although it has settled nicely into the role of pot distilling’s new-fangled younger brother, there is still so much to be explored by using this equipment.

Durham Distillery Introduces Conniption Barrel Aged Gin Series No. 1

Jan 2021 -- Conniption Barrel Aged Gin No. 1, the first in a series of aged gins to be introduced annually, will be available by February 1, 2021 while Conniption’s Navy Strength and American Dry gins are currently available in many states throughout the country.

Most exciting bar openings of 2020

Jan 2021 -- Inspired by modern gin bars, Corpse Reviver Bar & Lounge is named in honour of the classic gin cocktail and its setting in a former coffin shop. The bar offers a “stylish and luxurious setting” in which to enjoy cocktails that highlight Durham Distillery’s Conniption American Dry Gin and Conniption Navy Strength Gin.

The UrbanDaddy Gift Guide to Dazzling Holiday Food and Drink

Dec 2020 -- Your in-laws appear to take their gin seriously. Which is why you’ve wrapped up bottles of Durham Distillery’s Conniption American Dry and 114 proof Conniption Navy Strength gins from North Carolina for them.

For These Scientists and Distillers, a Safety Mindset Is Paramount During COVID

Dec 2020 -- The husband-and-wife team of Lee and Melissa Katrincic has remained in continuous production through the pandemic, securing a commitment from the distillery’s team to follow CDC recommendations even when they’re not at work.

We Fully Support this Negroni with a Dose of Caffeine at Durham's Corpse Reviver

Dec 2020 -- “Negronis are typically a polarizing cocktail, but with the addition of the coffee liqueur and a nitrogen infusion, we found many people are more willing to give one a try.”

Craft Spirits Are in Real Trouble. Can They Rebound in 2021?

Dec 2020 -- In recent months, the craft-spirits industry has faced one crisis after another. We look at whether the new year offers them some relief.

Durham Distillery Opens Corpse Reviver Bar & Lounge

Nov. 2020 -- Co-founders Melissa and Lee Katrincic announce the opening of Corpse Reviver Cocktail Bar & Lounge – a natural extension of their award-winning Conniption Gin brand.

Roadmap for Romance

Nov 2020 -- In Durham, local fave Durham Distillery recently celebrated its five-year anniversary with the long-awaited October opening of its gin and martini bar, Corpse Reviver Bar & Lounge

The INDY Week's 2020 Virtual Potluck

Nov 2020 -- Durham Distillery, makers of Conniption Gin and Damn Fine Liqueurs, opened its in-house cocktail bar, Corpse Reviver.

Flavored Vodkas You Should Include for Your Next Happy Hour

Apr 2020 -- Simple and crisp: those are the hallmarks of a good cucumber vodka, and the bottling from North Carolina’s Durham Distillery has them spades.

Good spirits: These distilleries are now making hand sanitizer

Apr 2020 -- These craft distillers are hospitality heroes, selflessly stepping up to the plate to help save our country from COVID-19 at a time when they are in imminent danger of going out of business.

The Surprising Way Durham Distillery is Helping Fight Coronavirus

Mar 2020 -- Durham Distillery has engineered a clever solution to help keep Triangle-area restaurants clean and ease diners’ minds: a readily available, locally-made sanitizing liquid strong enough to kill viruses on contact, including COVID-19.

Durham Distillery Donates Sanitizing Solution to Local Restaurants

Mar 2020 -- Katrincic and her husband Lee reached out to the North Carolina ABC commissioner Wednesday, March 11, with the idea of creating a sanitizing solution for local hospitality businesses.

Sanitizer May Be Selling Out, But These Distilleries Are Here to Help

Mar 2020 -- “We just realized [COVID-19] is gaining momentum, and there needs to be help in the community to tamp it down,” says Melissa Katrincic.

Delicious Botanical Variations From Six Lesser-Known Gin Brands

Oct 2019 -- Recognized as best in the US by the World Gin Awards in 2019, Conniption Navy Strength Gin—from North Carolina’s Durham Distillery—packs a flavorful punch.

10 Best Places In America To Drink Gin

Oct 2019 -- It will be money well spent if you decide to come here for a tasting as these drinks will leave a lasting impression upon your tongue that will have you taking a bottle with you on the road.


Sept 2019 -- To our knowledge, Durham is one of the very few distilleries in America that currently uses this dual distillation method, and it is that which not only helps it stand out, but keeps its owners interested.

Taste Test: 7 Canned Cocktails to Drink All Year

Sept 2019 -- It was refreshing and light, and the cucumber flavor wasn’t overpowering. “I would drink this happily at a picnic,” one editor wrote.

2 Durham Distillery gins named tops in the US at the World Gin Awards

Feb 2019 -- Durham Distillery’s gins took [home] huge prizes at the World Gin Awards in January, according to a press release from the distillery. The company’s CONNIPTION Navy Strength Gin was named “Best” in the United States in the Navy Strength category in the contest.

These NC restaurants are providing free food, free beer to furloughed federal workers

Jan 2019 -- Meanwhile, Durham Distillery announced Monday that it has some temporary work for any local furloughed federal employees. The maker of the popular Conniption Gin and canned cocktails said it could use some help on the bottling line this week.

Making a Better Canned Cocktail

Nov 2018 -- Melissa Katrincic, a cofounder of North Carolina's Durham Distillery,... wanted to create a canned gin and tonic that would highlight the unique qualities of Durham’s spirit, for which certain botanicals are vacuum distilled.

Author Kathleen Purvis’s Book Proves You Don’t Have to Go Far for World-Class Booze

Sept 2018 -- Purvis, food editor at the Charlotte Observer, has covered food and drink in her home state of North Carolina since 1989, before any "craft" food or drink was a thing... Three Triangle craft distilleries are highlighted on North Carolina's dedicated trail, including gin- and headline-maker Durham Distillery.

A North Carolina Road Trip (Part Two) -- Pittsboro to Raleigh

July 2018 -- Durham Distillery is another excellent local distiller, best known for their gin along with chocolate and coffee liqueurs.

Drinking Through All 50 States

June 2018 -- Conniption American Dry Gin..., 89 points. The aroma is delicate and lightly fruity with lychee, faint banana and grapefruit peel notes... There’s a pleasing cucumber sweetness before finishing on more sizzling cinnamon and coriander, with alcohol heat on the finish.

Best of the Triangle 2018: Eat and Drink

June 2018 -- Best Distillery in the Triangle, Durham Distillery

Durham Distillery Doubles Production Space

Apr 2018 -- Durham Distillery, voted a Top 3 Craft Gin Distillery in the U.S. by USA TODAY and Best Distillery in the Triangle, announced today that it will double the size of its distillery operations by expanding into adjacent property at 715 Washington St.

Durham: Where to Drink, Eat, Sleep, and Chill with Lemurs in the South's Best Second City

Apr 2018 -- Durham is much more than a sister city and a college town—it’s become a destination in its own right, thanks to a booming food and drink scene, a whole host of outdoorsy activities, and even a place where you can hang out with some lemurs.


May 2017 -- It’s a sublime liquid – crisp and vegetal, yet floral and sweet. They are heading over to Junpialooza in June to test their gins out on a UK audience, and believe us when we say you should do whatever you can to get a sample!

Why Durham Is North Carolina’s Hippest City

Apr 2017 -- A night at Alley Twenty Six is guaranteed fun. A gin and tonic with owner Shannon Healy’s cult-favorite, house made tonic syrup and Durham Distillery’s navy-strength gin is undoubtedly the most refreshing G&T you’ll ever imbibe.

12 Amazing Gins From Around The World

Feb 2017 -- The hip, revitalized downtown Durham, North Carolina saw the opening of Durham Distillery and its intimate tasting room in 2015. Their addictively fresh namesake gin is crafted with a custom German Mueller pot still and lab-worthy rotary evaporator.

Women Are Shaking Up the Craft Spirits Movement. We'll Drink to That

Dec 2016 -- Katrincic argues that craft spirits is more welcoming to women as an industry than craft beer, if only because there are fewer entrenched clichés to battle.

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