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Damn Fine Coffee Liqueur

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When You Need a Buzz.

17% ALC by VOL | 34 Proof | 375 ML

We agree that a cup of coffee is a damn fine way to start the day, but we have some suggestions for your post-morning jolt.

Our coffee liqueur starts with a handcrafted cold-brew from Raleigh’s Slingshot Coffee Company sweetened with a hint of orange blossom honey and local molasses to allow the coffee’s flavor to shine.

It’s full, silky, and naturally sweetened—but just enough—making it a coffee connoisseur's dream liqueur.

Try it neat, over ice, or use it make a wicked White Russian.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
No better coffee liquor

I like to think of myself as a coffee connoisseur and someone that cares deeply about the taste of coffee. Searching around, I've never found a coffee liqueur that levels up to my expectations of what one could taste like. Out of so many failed bottles, this is the one that reigns supreme. It's not ashy and smokey, it has a smooth taste of a medium roast, and it is gorgeous on its own or in a cocktail. There's no acrid aftertaste or cloying sweetness, just smooth, bold flavors. Plus, it's made with coffee from Slingshot! There is no better coffee liqueur!

Better than I thought...

I figured this would be a good product because I love Conniption but it’s even better than I imagined. The Mocha liqueur is next on my list.

Samantha Kuykendall
So good it’s dangerous

Honestly I love gin, so that’s what pulled me to take the tour here from the get go. These dessert liqueurs were a great surprise I wasn’t expecting. Everyone who has tried it has loved it! Makes AMAZING White Russians! Definitely a coffee lovers must have.


If you want to instantly amaze your friends with craft homemade cocktails, I have good news. This stuff is amazing, it’s got a great smooth coffee taste without being overpowering. My personal rec: hot chocolate with some amaretto and a dash of Damn Fine Coffee Liqueur!!

Constant crowd pleaser

I've bought this several times now, frequently for parties where it's probably the most expensive thing someone brings. I should really stop doing that because there's never any left for me! It's definitely sweet, very smooth, and I've yet to find anyone who doesn't like it even among non-coffee-drinkers and folks who don't like alcohol much.

Also great with ice cream or whipped cream. Way better than Kahlua.