Dangerously Good Oh Snap! Ginger Tonic

Dangerously Good Oh Snap! Ginger Tonic

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We are excited to announce the release of our newest tonic, Oh Snap! Ginger. Its ginger, cardamom and molasses flavor will be a tasty addition to any cocktail bar. 

Ingredients: water, sugar, orange, lime, citric acid,

ginger root, cinchona bark, molasses, lemongrass, kosher salt, cardamom, and black pepper 

Why is it not clear? Cinchona Bark is what naturally makes quinine and is the key ingredient to tonic water. Our beautiful tonic syrup is not the clear version you find in the grocery stores, that is made with synthetic Quinine. Additionally, the Molasses adds a lovely hue, giving this tonic a dark amber color. 

Does it need refrigeration? Our tonic has a shelf life of about three months. After opening, always keep refrigerated. For best taste, refrigerate after purchasing.

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