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Shop for Pickup Conniption American Dry Gin

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Shop for Pickup Conniption American Dry Gin - Durham DistillerySpiritsShop for Pickup

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Troy Phillips

Excellent. Have purchased many times

Coping in COVID

LOVE LOVE LOVE DD! Wonderful curbside service and fantastic product. Doing my part to support the local economy!

Beth R.

For the most part, I thought gin tasted like licking a pine tree, and was reluctant to try this. I was invited to a private tour of the distillery - highly recommended when they can do it again - and learned and tasted - and WOW! CONNIPTION is the best. I love American Dry - it's the only gin I drink (except occasionally the Navy Strength). It's available in ABC stores, but I like to order directly - curbside pick-up is terrific. Everyone is informed, professional and friendly. Durham is lucky to have this jewel. I have taken to friends in Europe (that bottle will not break!), because it's excellent and I am proud of Durham. I am loyal to this brand!

A million stars!

Five isn’t nearly enough. American Dry turned me into a gin drinker! Perfect for summer (and winter, and spring..), delicious in every kind cocktail and with every flavor of mixer. Drink won’t regret it. Until maybe the next morning.

Julie Johnson
My favorite hospitality gift

After first tasting Conniption a couple of years ago, I have hauled it cross-country and overseas (and that bottle is *heavy*) to thank my hosts and show off this outstanding gin. Friends in Scotland (and partners in a distillery there, no less!) still email me to let me know when they are treating themselves to another dram. I'm very proud of this home-town creation.