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Looking for Cocktail Inspiration?

Look no further! We have many recipes to choose from. Just sort by season or by spirit.

A Pear-Shaped Conniption

Our Pear-Shaped Conniption cocktail is such a special treat! The Spiced Pear Syrup sets this cocktail apart and it's ...

Wicked White Russian

Made famous by the movie The Big Lebowski, the White Russian cocktail is decadent and surprisingly easy-to-make. Our ...

Boozy Damn Fine Hot Chocolate

Our Boozy Damn Fine Hot Chocolate is 100% hygge vibes and we are absolutely obsessed! One sip of our grown up hot cho...


This cocktail has the soul of a 19th century classic but only dates back to 2004. The Revolver is simple yet satisfyi...

Moira Rose

This beautiful and dare we say, dramatic cocktail is honorably named after our favorite Schitt's Creek matriarch.

Fall Conniption Punch

Autumn in a glass. Fall Conniption Punch is layered with complex flavors of our favorite sweater weather season. 

The West End

A simple but sophisticated cocktail that is easy to make at home. All the hard work of slicing and infusing that fr...

Iced Mocha

Trust us, you won't want to have an Iced Mocha any other way after trying this version. Eat your heart out Starbucks.

Mudslide Milkshake

Who says kids get to have all the fun?! Decadent and delicious, our Mudslide Milkshake is the ultimate adult treat. 

Lemon Drop

Commonly vodka-based but we couldn't wait to include a gin riff on this very popular cocktail. Conniption's American ...


You want a classic cocktail, but you’re tired of the same old recipes. We got you! The Boxcar is a well-rounded sour...

Wild Hayride

One of our favorite fall cocktails. The Wild Hayride is crisp, flavorful and strong. What more could you want?!
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