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Conniption Trio - Conniption Kinship Gin, Conniption American Dry Gin, Conniption Navy Strength Gin

A New Conniption joins the family

Introducing the Conniption Kinship Gin where science meets art in a delicious, modern gin with a beautiful indigo hue.

Step 1: Honoring Tradition

Traditional pot still distillation has been used for centuries by master distillers to produce world-class gins.

For Conniption Gin, we honor these traditions while also expanding upon them.

Our first step is to distill botanicals in our custom-designed still from Germany, lovingly named "Gertrude" after our co-founder Melissa's maternal grandmother.

With the vapor infusion method, we achieve consistent, beautiful flavors. The art of gin distillation is in selecting a beautiful blend of botanicals.

Step 2: Distilling with modern science

In this 2nd step, we treat botanicals like they should be treated. On modern rotary evaporators, we cold distill our delicate, fresh ingredients such as cucumbers, honeysuckle flowers and figs without any heat into naturally flavored vodkas.

This modern distillation technique ensures authentic, true flavors. These ingredients could not be distilled under heat or their flavors would be destroyed. Unlike competitor gins, Connipiton Gin has no extracts and nothing artificial.

The final step is blending the gin and cold distilled vodka together. The resulting gin is well balanced and marries the art & science together beautifully.

Rotary Evaporator
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