Gin Punch


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Gin Punch
Inspired by Gourmet Magazine June 1967

Serves 15-20.
  • 20 oranges
  • 12 lemons
  • 6 oz grenadine or simple syrup
  • 2 750 ML bottles Conniption American Dry Gin
  • 2 liters club soda (very cold) 
  • 6 dashes bitters. Recommend orange, grapefruit or angostura


In a large punch bowl, juice the fruit and add the sweetener of choice, and gin. Chill for minimum of 2-4 hours. Once ready to serve, add club soda and stir. Add bitters to taste, either in punch bowl or one dash in cup prior to ladling punch.

Photo Copyright: Gourmet Magazine, June 1967.