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Krupnikas Spiced Honey Liqueur

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40% ALC by VOL | 80 Proof | 750 ML

Discover Krupnikas, a spiced Lithuanian honey liqueur, steeped in centuries-old tradition.

A legacy of love, wisdom, and craftmanship, we're humbled that Brothers Vilgalys entrusted us as custodians of this time honored recipe.

Infused with a symphony of carefully selected spices, including cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and vanilla, and harmonizing perfectly with North Carolina wildflower honey, it delivers a velvety smooth richness.

Whether you prefer savoring it neat, indulging in a chilled shot, or crafting delightful cocktails, we invite you to enjoy Krupnikas with family and friends. Gather around, embrace the moment, and raise your glasses in celebration. 

A Note of Welcome to the Durham Distillery Family

Durham Distillery is excited to share a new chapter in Krupnikas' journey with all Krupnikas enthusiasts. As many already know, Krupnikas has found its new home here. Under the expert guidance of Michelle Koch, Durham Distillery's Liqueur Production Manager (formerly the long-time head brewer and operations manager at Brothers Vilgalys), Krupnikas is now available. Change can be bittersweet, but rest assured, Michelle has preserved the same delicious Krupnikas that fans have come to love. Her passion shines through in every bottle. Whether you're a long-time Krupnikas enthusiast or new to this exquisite liqueur, we invite you to savor the experience. This marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Krupnikas, and Durham Distillery raises a glass to having you with us.

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Krupnikas has a new home.

Brothers Vilgalys Spirits Krupnikas

A New home at Durham Distillery