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Looking for Cocktail Inspiration?

Look no further! We have many recipes to choose from. Just sort by season or by spirit.

A Negroni Slush

We love our Negronis -- and what better way to enjoy them on a hot day, then to turn them into a slushie!

Odd Couple

True to it's name, the Odd Couple's ingredients may seem a little mismatched but trust us on this one, they get along...

Fall Conniption Punch

Autumn in a glass. Fall Conniption Punch is layered with complex flavors of our favorite sweater weather season. 

Wild Hayride

One of our favorite fall cocktails. The Wild Hayride is crisp, flavorful and strong. What more could you want?!

Navy Negroni

A Conniption twist on a classic. The Navy Negroni is a riff on the classic Negroni, an Italian aperitif cocktail that...


Yeah, we know that a Paloma is usually Tequila but have you tried it with Conniption Navy? No? You should!

Navy Gin & Tonic

A smooth and powerful Gin and Tonic. Our Navy Strength Gin is consistently ranked as one of the world's best gins and...
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